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Creative Print Typography Layouts

It can be beautiful, creative, and colorful. There are a number of ways to liven up typography, such as creative and original layouts, using color variations, use of fancy fonts, and much more.

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Color Use in Logos

Color plays an important role in logo creation. Imagine how the FedEx logo used orange and purple, and how the colors red and yellow represented Shell and Ferrari. Colors help instill product identity in our minds ever since we were little kids.

Color selection is one of the key elements of building a logo for effective branding. In marketing, an effective color selection for the logo involves having knowledge of colors, associating colors to certain factors like emotions, feel, market, and meanings, and combining colors to create a strong brand for your business.

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Web Traffic 101

You've probably already thought seriously about web traffic: how to increase website traffic, how to get more targeted web traffic, how to learn more about your customers and potential customers by doing a website traffic analysis, how to get more of your visitors to become buyers or clients.

Over the next several sections, we discuss in detail the many aspects of measuring, increasing, and focusing your web traffic: analyzing your existing traffic, identifying your best visitors, converting them to customers.

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Blue Phoenix Offers...

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