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SEO Facts

A page title is the first thing a search engine will look at when determining just what the particular page is about. It is also the first thing potential visitors will see when looking at your search engine listing.

The title tag is technically not a meta tag, though it is commonly associated with them. The title tag plays a large role in the indexing of your web site and is considered most important.

Keyword Tags

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Due to “keyword stuffing” many search engines now completely disregard the keyword tag. It is no longer nearly as important as it was years ago, however it doesn’t hurt to include them in your source code.

Alt Attributes on Images

Putting alt attributes on your images actually works. The more relevant text on your page the better chance you have of achieving higher search engine rankings.

Social Media

Although technically not SEO, Social Media is such a growing factor in getting your web site noticed. Social media ranges from social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Even if you are on the site purely for networking reasons, the key is to make friends.