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Website Renewal

A website that appears to be current is more appealing to visitors, especially repeat ones.

Revamping Without Downtime

Companies don’t want any downtime, so we have set up a separate domain to be able to develop your new website on. In this working area we can create the exact environment as on the server where your website is running now. This way we can develop and test your new website completely and you will never see the warning below.

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Why change?

You very much liked the style of your website a few years back, but now you are ready for something different. This can be a change from dark to light, but it can also have to do with fonts used on the site, colors of header images, etc. Perhaps your current website does not attract new visitors and keep traffic coming back. Because your site is a valuable resource, keep search engine and directories satisfied that your site is important, which means higher listings when someone looks for your service or products.


There is also the security aspect. Nowadays internet is a part of almost everybody’s life, for some even more than for others. By renewing your website to the current standards the chances that your site gets hacked is a lot slimmer than with an outdated website. If you still like your current website, but you have realised that the way it is programmed is not exactly up-to-date, Blue Phoenix can also take care of the probably much needed Search Engine Optimisation!